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Business Intelligence solutions

We offer services:  analysis, design and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions, including data warehouse class solutions. We offer comprehensive advice on the requirements analysis, the choice of an appropriate architectural solutions as well as the selection of appropriate tools, tailored to your needs and expectations in the analytical and reporting layer. Business Intelligence solutions are increasingly used successfully not only in large corporations, significantly contributing to the efficiency of these companies.

IT project management

The proposal is a comprehensive service in the field of project management. We offer advice in determining goal of the project, the development of business processes, selection of suppliers, negotiate contracts, create a project plan and project management professional up to development in the production system. We will make every effort to deliver product of the project, which will be of high quality in the expected time and planned budget.

Business Intelligence strategy

We will advise you with how to build and in what direction to develop Business Intelligence strategy. We will offer the evolution of Business Intelligence in your organization so that it is cost-optimal, highly effective, and extent meet the expectations of the company. This strategy aims to help achieve the goals of the organization, and to build solutions were tailored to the needs, scale, business strategy, allowed to increase competitive advantage and, consequently, strengthening the company's position in the market.